Weekend Reading: The Good News for Upcoming Retirees

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Weekend reading retirement withdrawals Weekend reading retirement withdrawals
Weekend Reading

Today’s retirees may be unable to match the portfolio-withdrawal rates of those before them, but their amount in assets appears much larger.


A recent Morningstar panel based around income planning revealed that the current economic climate is partially to blame for this good news. Retirees who owned investments which profited from the stock and bond bull markets can withdraw large amounts from portfolios, all the while having a conservative withdrawal rate.

The power of flexibility: Your ability to react to varying financial experiences (both volatile and times of growth), can also further improve your portfolio results in retirement. By remaining flexible through market performance, you can take action and reduce, or increase, portfolio withdrawals as needed.

To factor, or not factor inflation: Another component of a positive financial future includes considering how inflation will affect your plan. With a decline in spending patterns being a realistic possibility for many retirees, you might find making inflation adjustments less of a priority in your overall retirement plan, potentially creating a bigger profit in the end.

Start strategizing: You’ve most likely done very well in the markets over the last few years. Now is the time to protect those dollars by implementing an income strategy which leverages the latest research, allowing you to truly spend with confidence.