The Retire With Purpose™ Framework

Defining Purpose is at the core of our four-step retirement planning process, followed by Financial Planning and Creating Meaning.

Your L.I.F.E. plan covers four key pillars for your money in retirement: Liquidity, Income, Flexibility and Estate Planning, plus the all-encompassing Tax Planning. In the end, we will deliver to you a customized framework that will allow you to create meaning in retirement — how you embrace your purpose and live it every day.

Our Meeting Process

A 4-step collaboration to build your customized plan.

Client meeting handshake conference room Client meeting handshake conference room

Personal Financial Review: During this complimentary discovery visit, we will review your goals for retirement and your current plan to help ensure you remain on track for a secure and independent retirement.

Strategy Visit: We will introduce you to our proprietary planning process, the Retire with Purpose Framework™, and how it can be customized to help protect your lifelong savings. We'll analyze your current financial strategy to uncover any risks, gaps or inefficiencies that need to be corrected, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Implementation Visit: We will review your customized retirement plan and its correlation to your driving force: your purpose. We will walk you though the strategies utilized and determine next steps in implementing the plan.

Plan Delivery Visit: You will be presented with a hard-bound deliverable of your Retire With Purpose Framework, which outlines your purpose and the 5 steps of your L.I.F.E. Plan: Liquidity, Income, Flexibility, Estate, and the all-encompassing aspect of Tax Planning. We will also map our relationship going forward, and set a course for ongoing communication and commitment.

Our Planning Process

During your final visit in the planning process — your Plan Delivery Visit — you will be presented with a hard-bound deliverable of your comprehensive Retire With Purpose™ Framework, which covers your overall strategy and the four key pillars of your L.I.F.E. plan.

Team meeting conference room Team meeting conference room

Your planning strategy starts with establishing your unique financial philosophy, your "Why" — the true meaning and purpose for your money in retirement.

  1. You will require liquid funds set aside for emergencies and opportunities. Having 6-12 months worth of readily-available living expenses provides financial confidence and peace of mind.
  2. Consistent, reliable income is a necessity, regardless of what happens next in the economy or stock market. Income planning accounts for flexible spending, while having the confidence to know you have income as long as you live.
  3. Planning for flexibility accounts for inflation and unpredictability, delivering confidence that you are able to easily adjust your strategy. This plan focuses on long-term growth, largely to deflect inflation risks and other unknowns.
  4. An estate plan ensures the assets you have will pass on according to your wishes. This step outlines clear objectives of what you want to leave behind, and how — including wills, trusts and health care.

Finally, Tax planning is the common thread throughout each of the four planning pillars. It provides you with the confidence to know that you (and your heirs) will keep more of your hard-earned dollars.