Big payback

Big payback

We aspire to make a difference in the lives of our clients and in the communities we serve. We welcome our Howard Bailey friends and family to join us at an upcoming volunteer event. This is our time to give back — won't you join us? Stay tuned for upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Personal golf lessons golf instructor Personal golf lessons golf instructor
Junior Golf Tour

Golf requires a strategic approach and long-term vision. Retirement planning is the same. Just as a golfer meticulously plans each shot to navigate the course efficiently, individuals must carefully craft their financial strategies to achieve their retirement goals.

Just as a golfer selects the right clubs for various situations, investors must diversify their portfolios to mitigate risk and maximize returns over time.

The Howard Bailey Junior Golf Tour, formerly known as the Mountain Dew or Pepsi Tour, is an integral part of the Indiana Junior Golf Program. Since 1987, this program has offered local youth opportunities to gain competitive golf experience while instilling morals and ethics applicable both on and off the course.

As a past participant in the program, Howard Bailey's Founder and CEO Casey Weade treasures his childhood memories of playing in Indiana Junior Golf tournaments and refining the skills and strategies that make the sport so enjoyable. Casey's personal connection to the program, coupled with his dedication to ongoing growth, makes our partnership with Indiana Junior Golf both meaningful and exciting.

Ultimately, both golf and financial planning share the common objective of achieving success through careful planning, perseverance, and adaptability to changing circumstances, and Howard Bailey is proud to support both efforts.


Indiana Junior Golf is not a current client of Howard Bailey Securities, LLC nor Howard Bailey Financial, Inc. Indiana Junior Golf was compensated for this endorsement. Since, 2021, Howard Bailey Financial, Inc. and Howard Bailey Securities, LLC (together “Howard Bailey”) has paid to Indiana Junior Golf an annual sponsorship fee of $10,000. In return, Indiana Junior Golf provides benefits to Howard Bailey, including exposure during Indiana Junior Golf Events, exposure in Indiana Junior Golf publications, a link to Howard Bailey’s website on, and quarterly emails to leads provided by Indiana Junior Golf.