Weekend Reading: Living a Life of Purpose After Retirement: 3 Action Steps to Take

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Weekend Reading

We often refer to retirement as a transition you make. Being “retired” isn’t your identity, and doesn’t define who you are as a person, because in this part of life, you have the opportunity to truly live out your purpose.


Embrace your why: As you create a fulfilling second act of life, this article highlights three key areas to shift your mindset toward:

📌Reinvent yourself: Ask yourself, “What do I wish to be remembered for?” If you view this moment in time as your “halftime,” your second half of life can be transformed into your better half of life. It’s your time to live out your legacy.

📌Reframe your mindset about money: At Howard Bailey, we’re passionate about helping align your money with your purpose so that you can create a life of fulfillment. Money is the vehicle to leverage what brings you meaning. As the author here states, “It’s income from your assets that grants you freedom of money and time so you can dedicate your talents to pursue your purpose.”

📌Reframe your mindset of time: Dan Sullivan, a professional coach of mine whom I highly admire, utilizes an exercise called The Lifetime Extender. It’s meant to shift the way we view time in that we see our future as more important than our past. As you transition into retirement, you have the freedom to reframe your future, write your story and make the most of this time in your life.

It’s your narrative: I believe your future truly is bigger than your past. However, it might not be if you don’t spend the time being intentional today with how you will create that future.