Weekend Reading: An Investing Road Map for Retirees

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Weekend reading investing road map Weekend reading investing road map
Weekend Reading

our transition from accumulating wealth to spending from a portfolio can be challenging. Creating a retirement investment plan that balances safety, liquidity and growth doesn’t include a one-size-fits-all strategy, and there are psychological barriers to overcome.


To create a successful retirement plan, some of the most noteworthy tasks to tackle include:

📌 Project and adjust your expenses: Compare your retirement budget with your pre-retirement costs. Anticipate major expenses and determine if your portfolio's withdrawal rate is realistic.

📌 Take stock of and optimize guaranteed sources of income: Maximize sources such as Social Security and pensions to cover your baseline living expenses.

📌 Stay flexible on the withdrawal rate: Determine an appropriate withdrawal rate from your portfolio to balance sustainability and a happy standard of living. Be open to adjusting your spending based on market conditions and portfolio performance.

📌 Pay attention to tax matters: Understand the tax implications of your retirement accounts and develop a strategy for withdrawing funds in a tax-efficient manner.

📌 Rightsize your portfolio's risk profile: Allocate your investment assets based on your anticipated spending needs. Utilize strategies like the bucket approach to allocate assets across stocks, bonds and cash according to different time horizons.

Your retirement is more than an investment strategy. Guaranteed income is high on the list and taxes shouldn’t be overlooked.