Weekend Reading: You Have a Purpose, You Just Need to Find It – And It's One of the Most Important Things for Your Retirement

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Weekend reading finding purpose Weekend reading finding purpose
Weekend Reading

Why do you get up in the morning? It might be one thing in particular, or a multitude of things. Whichever the case, that is your purpose, and it’s essential to your health, happiness and overall wellbeing.


Find your north star: When it comes to life and retirement, you need a purpose. Yet, a recent survey shows that nearly one in three retirees don’t know what that purpose is after stepping away from their career. Past podcast guest, Nancy Collamer, lists three ways to unlock your purpose as you age. They include:

📌Describe the finest chapter in your life thus far. What made it the finest? How can you manifest those qualities in your next chapter?

📌Ask yourself, “How can I grow and give?” Review your calendar. Make regular appointments with yourself to grow and to give.

📌Who is your aging exemplar and why do you admire this person? What qualities of growing old does he or she embody?

Focus on your "why": Purpose might seem intimidating, but the reality is, it’s already inside you waiting to be illuminated. It can naturally evolve as you uncover new interests, and it might be big, or small. It doesn’t mean you must do something life-changing; it means you’re doing something worthwhile to you.