Weekend Reading: What Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman Can (and Cannot) Accomplish

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Weekend reading dave ramsey suze orman retirement advice Weekend reading dave ramsey suze orman retirement advice
Weekend Reading

You’ve inevitably consumed personal finance advice from two of the financial media’s favorites: Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. Both financial personalities provide insightful debt-consolidation and saving insight during your accumulation years, however, when it comes to their retirement planning advice, where should you draw the line?


Dave vs. Suze: Ramsey has advocated for an eight percent withdrawal rate and aggressive investment in equities, dismissing the traditionally recommended four percent retirement spending rate as "stupid." On the other hand, Orman suggests a more conservative approach with a maximum four percent spending rate and an equity allocation formula based on age. The reality is, your personal retirement strategy will be more complicated than what Ramsey or Orman can advise, as they provide simplified, quick answers that only capture only part of your overall financial picture.

As you look for ways to elevate your financial success, make note that while you can find value from public “experts”, take this information with a grain of salt. For trusted guidance that addresses the nuances of retirement planning and the complex challenges you could face, personalized solutions are essential.