Weekend Reading: Avoid These 4 Common but COSTLY Retirement Income Mistakes

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Married couple kiplinger article retirement mistakes preview Married couple kiplinger article retirement mistakes preview
Weekend Reading

Your income throughout retirement no longer comes in the form of a bi-weekly check from your employer. It’s now up to you (and your trusted financial planner) to ensure you have a consistent stream of money that lasts the rest of your life. However, mistakes do happen, which is why adhering to a carefully laid retirement plan that is customized to you has never been more important. Learn more in this article from Kiplinger below.


Your retirement income stream can easily be disrupted with a simple wrong move, especially when you have no plan to follow, or no roadmap to signal if you've gone off track.

Many retirees neglect to do much more than setting up a regular distribution from their retirement accounts, but this surely isn’t you. You have probably taken steps to build at least a rough sketch of your income plan. However, if you have gone it alone, the potential for costly mistakes is higher.

Bottom line: Two heads are always better than one. While I think I have a pretty good head, my financial planner consistently fills in the gaps that I have overlooked or neglected.