Weekend Reading: 4 Financial Worries to Cross Off Your List

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Weekend reading 4 financial worries Weekend reading 4 financial worries
Weekend Reading

Many of your financial worries are often combatted with risk management moves. Having an emergency fund and purchasing insurance are ways to protect your financial wellbeing. However, some financial worries might belong on your "unlikely to happen/deal with it when it does" list.


While you may agree or disagree with some, here, past podcast guest Christine Benz identifies four:

📌 Estate tax: Due to the evolution of estate tax laws and high exclusion amounts, few people are affected. Seek guidance from an estate planning attorney and financial professional to ensure your assets are managed effectively.

📌 Gift tax: For many, gift taxes are rare and tied to high lifetime exemption amounts. Further, gifts to charity are exempt from these rules.

📌 Hard assets: You may hear that hard assets like gold are necessary for extreme scenarios. However, a situation where currency loses value is unlikely.

📌 Taxing Roth IRAs: It’s unlikely Congress would alter the tax-free nature of Roth IRA withdrawals, especially given potential backlash from middle-class savers and the revenue generated from Roth contributions and conversions.

Are you overemphasizing any financial concerns before you’ve secured your retirement foundation? With a comprehensive framework, you can put more time and energy toward what is in your control, and focus less on what isn’t.