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201231 Retire With Purpose Framework 01 201231 Retire With Purpose Framework 01

A Modern Retirement Mindset: Elevate Meaning and Purpose by Becoming 'Job Optional'

I wanted to share with you the philosophy behind our Retire With Purpose planning framework, and how it lays the groundwork for a financially confident and fulfilling retirement.

Your financial plan, also known as your L.I.F.E. Plan, begins with your purpose, followed by four main pillars: Liquidity, Income, Flexibility and Estate Planning; Plus, the all-encompassing aspect of tax planning. It's tailored to your because it's personal to you, and in the end, we hope it ultimately allows you to focus your time on what matters most to you, so you can carry out your highest meaning in life.

I believe this framework can work for you, just as it has myself, which is why I chose it as the focus of discussion in my latest article for Entrepreneur. I found firsthand that being intentional with your money is what brings you to 'Job Optional status,' so I hope upon reading this feature, you find further insight behind why we at Howard Bailey make pinpointing your purpose — and protecting lifelong savings — our highest priority.