Casey weade entrepreneur article Casey weade entrepreneur article
Your Planning Process In The Press

Our team is passionate about creating a retirement plan that’s truly customized to you, and that begins with identifying your life’s meaning and purpose. I found that aligning your ‘why’ with financial strategies that mirror your goals and values, creates more opportunity to have an impact in the world now, as well as in the future.

Modern mindset Modern mindset
A Modern Retirement Mindset: Elevate Meaning and Purpose By Becoming 'Job Optional'

With the right framework, you can stop worrying about what's next and focus on what's here today.

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Getting to Know the Mishawaka Team: Meet Hannah Ash

Hannah Ash joined Howard Bailey Financial in August 2018. Since then, she’s been a valuable member of the team and the Mishawaka office.

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Getting to Know the Mishawaka Team: Meet Christopher L. Horoky

Christopher Horoky joined the Howard Bailey team in February 2018. Since joining, he has helped expand our offices into the Mishawaka area and has brought a friendly, familiar, and local presence to our newest office.

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Getting to Know the Mishawaka Team: Meet Bradley Simich

Bradley Simich joined Howard Bailey in November 2018. Since then, he has used his passion for helping people to help families build comprehensive financial plans that allow them to retire with purpose.

Rob mccoy cfp article preview Rob mccoy cfp article preview
Howard Bailey Advisor Rob McCoy achieves CFP® designation

Rob McCoy joined the Howard Bailey family in 2014. From the moment he accepted his role, he knew he wanted to use his love of the educational side of the industry to help others.

Casey weade job optional Casey weade job optional
'Retirement Isn't About Money': How Casey Weade Is Helping People Find Freedom in Life After Work

Becoming successful won't make you happy - unless you're intentional about it.

Your financial planner Your financial planner
Your Financial Planner Shouldn't Manage Your Investment Portfolio

At first glance, you may find the title of this article confusing. You may be thinking to yourself, “But isn’t that their job?” While historically speaking, you are correct, it’s just not that way anymore.

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Warren Buffett Says the Secret to Success Is Saying 'No.' Do Experts Agree?

Billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett once said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” We asked these accomplished leaders and Advisors in The Oracles if they agreed with Buffett. Here’s what they said.

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8 secrets to getting everything you want in life

Having it all comes down to having the right mindset. Business leaders and advisors from The Oracles let us in on how they achieved their dreams — and how you can, too.

Advisor mistakes Advisor mistakes
Confessions Of A Financial Advisor - Three Mistakes To Avoid

I have made many mistakes over my years as a financial advisor. But I learned from all of them and used those experiences to better my practice. What follows are some of the biggest mistakes I made early in my career and how others can avoid them.

Small business strategy Small business strategy
5 Tax Strategies for Small-Business Owners

Many small-business owners don't take full advantage of the opportunities available to them to reduce the amount they pay in taxes. Here are 5 often-overlooked tips to consider.