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Pay Me Now: Pros and Cons of Adviser Compensation Models

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Everybody wants a financial adviser, but nobody wants to pay for one.

Or maybe it’s just that most people may be unsure of the best way to pay.

When someone does finally decide to hire a professional, the varying compensation structures, job titles and securities licenses can be confusing and overwhelming. And every professional out there is convinced that his or her approach is best.

But, despite what you may hear from the nearly 300,000 financial advisers available in the U.S., there’s no perfect form of payment. Generally speaking, there’s no hurdle-free way of getting past conflicts of interest, and the models that limit conflicts — in some circumstances — may also reduce options for clients.

To find the best fit for you, educate yourself about the pros and cons of each payment structure, and the experience and licenses required to perform these roles. Here’s a breakdown.