Weekend Reading: Worried About Passing Down a Big IRA? Consider a CRT

You might have heard the term 'Tax Time Bomb' and its relation to your IRA, especially after the passage of the 2019 SECURE Act. If you're planning on leaving a legacy to loved ones in the way of your IRA, having control of how those lifelong savings are dispersed has become more complicated. Learn more about how utilizing a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) could help maximize the future inheritance for your heirs.

Weekend Reading: Right-Sizing Retirement: Exploring the Retirement Consumption Gap in Early Retirement

Are you over-saving for retirement? Are you under-spending once you get there? There’s a sweet spot for funding your retirement, but the reality is that many retirees haven’t found it.

Weekend Reading: Avoid These 4 Common but COSTLY Retirement Income Mistakes

Your income throughout retirement no longer comes in the form of a bi-weekly check from your employer. It’s now up to you (and your trusted financial planner) to ensure you have a consistent stream of money that lasts the rest of your life.

Weekend Reading: Introducing a Hierarchy of Financial Wellness

What if you viewed your financial wellness as a tiered pyramid, with layers that played into your overall financial security?

Weekend Reading: 8 Ways to Invest Confidently in Retirement

If you’re still sitting in cash after the fear-laden year of 2020, it’s time to get a plan. You probably can’t sit on the sidelines forever, and you definitely shouldn’t.

Weekend Reading: Estate Planning for ‘Black Sheep’ Beneficiaries

You may not have a ‘Black Sheep’ beneficiary, so to speak, but you could still have concerns about leaving a substantial legacy behind after you are gone.

Casey Weade guests on newly-launched "Lifestyle Investor" podcast
In the podcast, Casey discusses how to maximize financial confidence and overall financial well-being.
Getting to Know the Mishawaka Team: Meet Christopher L. Horoky
Christopher Horoky joined the Howard Bailey team in February 2018. Since joining, he has helped expand our offices into the Mishawaka area and has brought a friendly, familiar, and local presence to our newest office.
Getting to Know the Mishawaka Team: Meet Bradley Simich
Bradley Simich joined Howard Bailey in November 2018. Since then, he has used his passion for helping people to help families build comprehensive financial plans that allow them to retire with purpose.
Howard Bailey Advisor Rob McCoy achieves CFP® designation
Rob McCoy joined the Howard Bailey family in 2014. From the moment he accepted his role, he knew he wanted to use his love of the educational side of the industry to help others.