Weekend Reading: Will 2024 Be an Up Year for the Stock Market?

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Weekend reading will 2024 be an up year for stock market Weekend reading will 2024 be an up year for stock market
Weekend Reading

The positive momentum from the market’s performance last year appears to be spilling into 2024 as of now, and investment guru Nick Maggiulli believes it might continue to stick around.


Point to the patterns: Upon reflecting on the performance of U.S. stocks, analysis suggests that markets tend to follow certain patterns (after a big down year, subsequent year tends to be positive), with momentum often fading over longer time frames. On the same note, Maggiulli acknowledges the unpredictability of the catalyst that might cause the next market decline, but expresses confidence in the market's ability to recover over the long run.

There’s no crystal ball: While 2024 is predicted to be a positive year, an investment strategy that focuses on resilience, long-term recovery and a historically grounded approach is key. Despite criticism of taking a simplistic route, Maggiulli advocates for a consistent strategy of staying invested throughout market fluctuations and not being too reactive regarding short-term activity.

If you don’t want to have to worry about which way the market will go this year, next year or even 10 years down the road, don’t bet on assumptions. Rely on a process that accounts for any possibility, such as the Retire With Purpose framework, so you can ignore the news headlines and actually live your life.