Weekend Reading: Make Sure You Know What You’re Retiring to

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Weekend reading what youre retiring to Weekend reading what youre retiring to
Weekend Reading

You know what you’re retiring from, but have you taken the time to figure out what you’re retiring to?


Notice the non-financial side: Here, author Bob Lai reflects on his perspective of retirement, which is not solely about relaxing on the beach, but engaging in meaningful endeavors. He wants to remain active, improve his community and foster meaningful relationships.

However, Lai also knows the darker side that can come with retirement, sharing the tragic story of his late father’s experience and struggles of finding purpose and identity beyond his career. This cautionary tale serves as a stark reminder to prepare for your retirement beyond just financial planning, but to also pinpoint your purpose, maintain relationships and prioritize your emotional and psychological well-being.

Your purpose and retirement plan need to go hand-in-hand. What’s financial independence worth if you don’t have clarity on what it means to live a fulfilling life?