Weekend Reading: You Can Have What You REALLY Want

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Weekend reading what you really want Weekend reading what you really want
Weekend Reading

Ask yourself: What do you really want out of life? If you don’t know – Or you think you know, but you’re unsure, it’s time to gain clarity on your Purpose.


Be intentional and patient: Society says you should pursue the most desirable life goals, such as a fulfilling job, a loving partner, a rich social life, a hefty bank account, etc. However, it’s difficult to simultaneously obtain all of these things. Instead, you can pursue them one after the other, which lends to author Darius Foroux’s recipe for success in life: 1) Focus on one thing at a time. And 2) Focus on the things you REALLY want.

Tradeoffs and focus: When you understand on a deep level what you like and what you don’t like, you can drop the things that don’t fulfill you and focus on the things you truly want. Deciding on those few things can be the most difficult part, but the most important aspect is to always stay in motion in pursuing purpose. As Foroux says, “It’s much better to go in the wrong direction for a while than to stay where you are. Movement. That’s the key.”

You surely REALLY want a fulfilling life. So ask yourself: What makes you feel excited? What gets you up in the morning? Go after that.