Weekend Reading: What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do in Retirement

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Weekend reading what to do in retirement Weekend reading what to do in retirement
Weekend Reading

Past Retire With Purpose podcast guest, Nancy Collamer, is a retirement coach who helps retirees navigate their “Second Act”, and learn how to obtain maximum fulfillment in the potential decades that could lie ahead.


In this article, she highlights a more personal client’s challenging journey into retirement (her husband) and five key steps he took to get “unstuck” in finding his footing. They include:

📌Invest in self-reflection: When you become clear on what is most important to you, decisions surrounding how to fill your time become more obvious. Ask yourself questions such as: What do you want to learn about? When do you feel most valued? What have you been waiting to do?

📌Sign up for a class: Whether in-person or virtual, educational, skill and fitness classes available to retirees are plentiful, and can be beneficial for socialization or stumbling upon new opportunities

📌Research volunteer opportunities: Search for volunteer roles related to your interests, and reap the reward of giving to others

📌Buddy up with a friend: Partner with a friend or former colleague to try new experiences in retirement and enjoy the companionship along the way

📌 Go slowly: Refrain from taking on too much too quickly, and instead enjoy your time navigating through the transition into retirement

Move with intention: Retirement may not be all you thought it would be; However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Just don’t delay – Act now.