Weekend Reading: What it Means to Live a Good Life

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Weekend reading what it means to live a good life Weekend reading what it means to live a good life
Weekend Reading

Upcoming Retire With Purpose Podcast guest Dr. Dawn Carr has a unique view on aging, and it may help shift your perspective of it too.


Considering the end: In her early 20s, Dawn lost her grandmother and mother one year apart, but both were at very different life stages. Her grandmother, who lived to be 91, was at peace with the end. Her mother, however, was diagnosed with cancer before even stepping foot into retirement, which inspired Dawn to study gerontology and explore the meaning of aging and the value of one's life.

Aging philosophies: According to the late psychologist James Hillman, aging involves peeling away unnecessary layers to find one's core self, which allows for giving back and offering wisdom to future generations. Additionally, psychology professor Laura Carstensen's research suggests that your sense of remaining time, versus your chronological age, influences how you think about your life and what you prioritize. When your time horizon is shorter, you tend to focus on emotionally gratifying experiences, generativity and cultivating close relationships.

You don't need to reach “old age” or face impending death to become more aware of the present moment and what you can offer the world. When you find your Purpose, you have the biggest key to finding health, happiness and fulfillment, no matter your age.