Weekend Reading: What If You Run Out of Life?

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Weekend reading what if you run out of life Weekend reading what if you run out of life
Weekend Reading

Life is fleeting in nature. Instead of asking, “What if I run out of money?” Mr. 1500 (the author) believes you should instead wonder, “What if I run out of life?”


Practicing intentionality: What ignited this mindset was a financial therapy session with Mr. 1500 and his wife, where their emotional issues around money were brought to light. This led them to rethink their perspective on life and money. When you emphasize the limited time you have in life, you advocate for valuing the present moment and prioritize rich experiences, alongside accumulating wealth for the future.

Mr. 1500 argues that saving money shouldn't be the sole focus and that spending money effectively to maximize happiness is equally important. When you have the ability to diligently save for decades, you also have the capability to turn spending money into a skill, all the while being able to navigate financial setbacks if they occur.

Your financial worries are valid; however, also take time to consider the possibility of running out of life, versus only fixating on running out of money.