Weekend Reading: Underdogs and Retirement

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Weekend Reading

In the world of sports, it’s human nature for us to cheer on the underdog athlete. But what about the retirement underdog? Read the article from Financial Advisor below.


On the financial frontlines: Interestingly enough, about one in three Americans have less than $50,000 saved to support their post-career life, and Past Retire With Purpose podcast guest, Robert Laura, discusses why financial advisors should be rooting for them. He highlights the analogy of viewing retirement as a sport, with your financial advisor playing the role of coach. Their goal is to not only help you create a comeback plan but also redefine the concept of what it means to retire in today’s world.

For many, this transition is simply the next step in finding something that brings you joy. It might involve a “phased retirement,” where you gradually work toward becoming “job optional,” or it could also mean turning your passion into a side business. The point is, your financial advisor is coaching you in crafting a retirement game plan based on more than age and assets. Robert points to the following factors in making this transition successful:

📌Replace your work identity

📌Fill your time with meaningful tasks

📌Find ways to stay relevant and connected

📌Keep mentally and physically active

📌Find financial security

Beyond your bank account: Retirement strategy isn’t just all figures and acronyms. It’s more than that, and quite frankly, many financial planners are doing their clients a disservice by helping them retire.