Weekend Reading: It's Time to Rethink Retirement

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Weekend reading time to rethink retirement Weekend reading time to rethink retirement
Weekend Reading

Today’s idea of “retirement” has been long outdated. While our concept of natural human life was once in the order of study, work then retire, a shift has taken place that no longer mirrors this sequence.


A modern retirement mindset: I wrote my latest book, Job Optional, on the basis of a new retirement mindset; one that is driven by purpose. In a world where we’re all living longer, retirement has become an opportunity to explore where you can make the biggest impact, whether that’s through an “encore career”, volunteering, an entrepreneurial venture — the possibilities are endless.

The power of longevity: Many have a desire to not only work more, but to pursue meaningful work and maximize their longevity. In Okinawa, Japan, residents actually tend to live seven years longer than the average American by following three rules: Eating off smaller plates, finishing their meal when they are 80 percent full and maintaining a strong support group that lasts decades.

Live in the now: As author Darius Foroux states, retirement is “simply a future we prepare for — often passively, without compromising our attention on the present.” The more life experience you have, the more value you can bring to those around you, so in that light, make the most of the only “real” time you have (this moment), regardless of what life stage you’re in — Retirement or otherwise.

Find your equilibrium: Balancing your future dreams with the present can be a challenge, but trust me, your future self will thank you.