Weekend Reading: The Time Billionaires

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Weekend reading the time billionaires Weekend reading the time billionaires
Weekend Reading

Time is your ultimate currency. How will you spend it?


Wealth in minutes: Graham Duncan, co-founder of East Rock Capital, introduced the concept of being a "Time Billionaire" in 2019. He emphasized that time is your most valuable asset, yet most fail to recognize its significance until it's too late. Duncan suggested that when you’re young, you are rich in time, but you don't often perceive yourself as a "Time Billionaire."

Intentional time: The idea of being a Time Billionaire is not solely about having a surplus of time, but rather about being aware of the value of the time you have. Reflecting on the birth of his son, author Sahil Bloom realized how quickly time passes, especially during the "Magic Years" of childhood. He stresses the importance of being present, cherishing moments with loved ones and recognizing the limited time you have with family and friends.

If you’re in pursuit of fulfillment, you won’t find it by always striving for more. Don’t let looking forward distract you from appreciating what’s right in front of you and where you can make the biggest impact today.