Weekend Reading: The No-Retirement Retirement: An Alternative to the Normal Path

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Weekend Reading

Society’s preconceived notion that retirement means sitting on your porch, drinking lemonade, and twiddling your thumbs is beyond outdated. Read the article from Forbes below.


A modernized mindset: Here, the author suggests a “no-retirement retirement,” or what I like to call, a “job optional” life. You don’t have to follow the path of formal retirement, and you certainly don’t have to step away from your job if it’s fulfilling. The point is, the choice is yours, and the article points to a high-level strategy to help you get there:

📌Step 1: Accumulate savings in retirement accounts, and remain focused on a financial target defined by you, and your advisor

📌Step 2: Build a plan that allows you to stop working, so that you’re able to step away if at some point you can no longer work

📌Step 3: Unless anything happens in step 2, plan to continue working until you don’t have a pulse

📌Step 4: Enjoy life and all the adventures along the way

Financial advice of the future: Retirement is changing, and so is how we plan for it. While the principle of financial freedom and structuring a plan to deliver that is still present, the idea of traditional retirement is fading. Instead, we focus on pursuing your interests, regardless of the money, thus maximizing your impact and happiness, without concern over the scorecard.