Weekend Reading: The Infinite Ladder

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Weekend reading the infinite ladder Weekend reading the infinite ladder
Weekend Reading

When it comes to end-of-year reflections, you are likely to do so in a linear fashion. However, another – albeit unique – strategy is to consider your life thus far as an "infinite ladder," where progress occurs in both inner and outer dimensions.


The inner dimension involves personal growth, shifts in mindset and the development of your self-worth. The outer dimension encompasses external achievements and tangible goals.

Leveraging the infinite ladder: Here, the goal is to create balance between your inner and outer dimensions to maintain stability. Neglecting inner growth while focusing solely on external accomplishments can lead to a fragile and unstable life. Your inner journey may often look non-linear at the onset, but over time, sudden shifts can occur.

As you recap your goals for the year and look toward the future, note your achievements (big and small) and take stock. Do you have a strong sense of purpose, but still need to embed that into your daily life? Or, have you found an endeavor you’re passionate about, but still need to determine what your purpose is? With an “infinite ladder,” you remain on a spiraling journey of self-discovery, connecting you to the larger web of life.