Weekend Reading: These 14 Small Mindset Shifts Will Change Your Life

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Weekend reading stoic philosophy mindset Weekend reading stoic philosophy mindset
Weekend Reading

If you’re unfamiliar with the Stoic philosophy, it teaches that while you may be unable to change the world or control external circumstances, you possess the power to change how you perceive and respond to them.


That being said, here are five of the 14 Stoic principles that can transform your perspective on life:

📌 Opportunity for excellence: Difficult situations are opportunities to practice virtues like forgiveness, patience and cheerfulness.

📌 There's a tax on everything: Life presents challenges and inconveniences, which are like taxes you pay willingly, even when successful.

📌 Poverty isn't only material: True wealth lies in contentment, regardless of your income or possessions.

📌 Opinions are optional: You can choose not to judge or have opinions about every little thing, especially those beyond your control.

📌 Death is happening now: Death is not just a distant event, but a constant process; you should seize each moment and live fully.

As you read through these Stoic principles, consider how they can help you focus on what you can change, and leverage them to embrace the present moment with gratitude and resilience.