Weekend Reading: How Much Growth Can You Expect?

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Weekend reading stock and bond portfolio growth Weekend reading stock and bond portfolio growth
Weekend Reading

Of course you want to know what sort of return you might expect upon investing your money, but how possible is that when it comes to a stocks and bonds portfolio?


The power of long-term investing: Author Nick Maggiulli ran a study to try to answer this question. In his scenario, an individual invests $10,000 a year into an 80 percent stock, 20 percent bond portfolio. Over the course of various time periods, the compounding effect rang true, as Maggiulli’s simulations produced the following outcomes:

📌 1.5x your money after 10 years

📌 2x your money after 20 years

📌 2.5x your money after 30 years

📌 4x your money after 40 years

Mind the data: If you have enough time on your side, estimations like this can be helpful. If you’re in retirement, it’s important to recognize returns can vary significantly, even over time horizons as long as a decade.