Weekend Reading: The 1 Question You Should Always Ask Yourself Before Making Any Personal Finance Decisions

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Weekend reading rich financial goals Weekend reading rich financial goals
Weekend Reading

The budget-minimizing tools and retirement calculators you have at your fingertips in this day and age are plentiful, but in the end, they are simply just tools.


Zoom in: To truly elevate your financial wellbeing or reach a personal level of success you’re in search of, finance guru Ramit Sethi advises becoming clear on your vision. More specifically, you need to ask yourself: What does the “rich” life look like to me? For many, the answer to that question might include becoming debt-free or reaching a certain income level; however, these goals are so general that they are void of real meaning.

Define your dreams: Instead, Sethi suggests setting “richly imagined financial goals” for yourself that are more motivating. Ask yourself questions such as, what does a perfect month look like for me? Or, what about a perfect week? Then, prepare answers to these questions that are detailed, because as Sethi states, “A rich life is lived in the details,” and the more specific you are, the more inspired you will be to reach your goals (both big and small).

Know your North star: If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you ever expect to get there? You need to paint a vivid vision of your future in order to create the drive today, and map out a strategy to most efficiently get there.