Weekend Reading: Retirement Tips from World-Famous Authors to Live Happily Ever

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Weekend reading retirement tips live happy Weekend reading retirement tips live happy
Weekend Reading

Avid reader or not, you surely want a confident, purposeful retirement, and these famous authors provide some enlightening insight on how to make that happen.


Some of the top takeaways noted here include:

📌Commit to a consistent schedule – When it comes to financial planning or working toward a dream, you won’t find any shortcuts. Consistency and dedicated time are key.

📌Make it a priority – Focus on what you’re passionate about and make it relatively non-negotiable. Doing so will require prioritizing your time and adjusting areas of your life as needed.

📌Don’t start without a story idea – In other words, you need something to work toward, and that is your purpose. The choices you make every day should all point to the story you want to tell about your life.

📌Be patient – As the article states, “Rarely are masterpieces created in a day”, and in the context of your long-term financial goals, this is where the compounding effect shows its capabilities.

📌Remember what’s really important: Relationships – You’ll find the best sum-up here: “It is through the company we keep that we find the most meaning in life”.

Beyond dollar bills: The best retirement tips you will ever receive more than likely have nothing to do with money. Seek them out for yourself.