Weekend Reading: The 5 Biggest Regrets People Have About Retirement

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Weekend reading retirement regrets Weekend reading retirement regrets
Weekend Reading

If you’re a retiree and could have a retirement planning do-over, what might you change?


Beyond basic blunders: Many might believe the top regrets of today’s retirees include not saving enough or beginning to save earlier; However, while these are certainly valid qualms, our team finds - much like the author of this article - that the biggest mistakes go deeper. The most noteworthy regrets featured here include:

📌 I wish I had started my transition plans earlier: Saving for retirement is one thing; actually stepping into retirement is another. It requires more planning than many might initially realize.

📌 I wish I had gotten help with high-level strategies sooner: You can condense your list of “Should-a, Could-a, Would-as” by seeking professional guidance on the complex world of retirement planning strategies, investments and products.

📌 I wish I had been open to changing strategies: As the economic landscape evolves and the phases of your retirement planning journey shift, so should the financial strategies in your portfolio.

📌 I wish I had kept my eye on the prize: Finding a balance between enjoying the now while saving for the future is key. It’s all about focusing on wealth creation instead of a high-end lifestyle.

📌 I wish I hadn’t put off the difficult decisions: We see this most often in the realm of estate planning. While these conversations might be uncomfortable, procrastination can be detrimental to your loved ones.

Make note: Your opportunity to achieve the most successful retirement will require more than simply saving 10 percent of your paycheck.