Weekend Reading: Finding Your Retirement Paradise

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Weekend reading retirement paradise Weekend reading retirement paradise
Weekend Reading

Where you decide to live in retirement should mirror your values, purpose and passions. Just like everything else you surround yourself with, you want your residence to bring fulfillment, but choosing where and what that looks like can be challenging.


Take your time: The author of this article advises waiting to relocate or downsize your living arrangement until after you’ve been retired for a year or two. Moving to your typical idea of paradise might seem wonderful at first, but as your perspective shifts with time, your feelings could change. In fact, a study conducted in 2009 found that retirees who moved to a warmer climate with recreational activities did not feel as happy as they originally thought. Instead, retirees who put more priority on elements such as access to medical services and proximity to family and friends experienced more happiness and peace of mind.

Be open-minded: Where you choose to live in retirement shouldn’t be based off of where you would spend your dream vacation. To make the best decision for you, focus on the type of lifestyle you want to have, the type of socializing opportunities available, and other important factors, such as cost-of-living, healthcare and daily living conveniences. Maybe that means living in the tropical paradise we often picture, or, maybe it’s something different. All that matters is it feels like paradise to you.

In the end, what you have always envisioned for your retirement may not be what you truly want and need. Make these major decisions carefully and take your time.