Weekend Reading: Reinventing the Wheel

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Weekend reading reinventing the wheel Weekend reading reinventing the wheel
Weekend Reading

At Howard Bailey, one of our company core values is 10x Growth. We aim to continually evolve, so that we can provide the best level of service possible, and deliver you strategic retirement strategies built to last the long-run. We’re focused on “reinventing the wheel” – always finding ways to improve – and it can be just as helpful to have that same mindset in retirement.


Enhance your experience: Past podcast guest, Fritz Gilbert, writes, “… when our needs change, we can choose wheels best suited to the environment. Seeking the best wheel for the situation we’re facing makes life better.” In the end, retirement is an opportunity to adjust, improve and find a new approach. You have the freedom to be in control and shift your mindset to create a life that’s purposeful and fulfilling to you.

Fritz lists instances in which he reinvented a situation throughout his own retirement: Upgrading his homestead, shifting from being a saver to a spender, realizing that time matters more than money and so on. It’s about elevating your life experience and refusing to settle, so ask yourself: What areas of your life (big or small) could use a change?

Take it with a grain of salt: I love this concept, but also implore you to exercise caution. Realize that you most likely don’t need to completely “reinvent the wheel” as you step into retirement. Instead, focus on improving the wheel, in light of the experiences of your past.