Weekend Reading: Stop Trying to Optimize Your Retirement Plan

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Weekend reading optimizing your retirement plan Weekend reading optimizing your retirement plan
Weekend Reading

When it comes to retirement planning, there is no silver bullet. We all want optimized strategies to secure our financial future, but the reality is, life happens, and any obstacle can quickly throw a wrench in what was thought to be your “perfect” plan.


Perfect is the enemy of good: This isn’t to say that striving to optimize your retirement portfolio is bad; however, you also don’t need a 100-page plan to reach the financial peace of mind you deserve. Instead, there are some great areas here to shift your focus toward:

📌 Begin with organizing your thinking - Ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish? All of your financial strategies should be in line with your vision and purpose for retirement.

📌 Pick assumptions (and stick with them) - Every retirement calculator is going to project varied assumptions and the numbers will never be perfect in the first place. Choose yours and stick with them so you can pinpoint trends over time.

📌 Stay agile - A big part of optimization is checking in on your plan and making adjustments as needed, as well as maintaining flexibility to do so.

📌 Add slack - As stated here, “...too much optimization can create fragility”, and having a buffer of liquid cash in the bank, versus invested elsewhere, might ease your worries in a time of need.

Don’t overthink to optimize: You need to ferociously avoid paralysis by analysis. While you may have the best intentions, perfection is a fool’s errand. Optimization will be the results of getting started, followed by ongoing adjustments.