Weekend Reading: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Retire

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Weekend reading non financial things to know before retiring Weekend reading non financial things to know before retiring
Weekend Reading

The traditional concept of retirement planning often dismisses how you will spend those years with intentionality and purpose. At Howard Bailey, this is why we help you create a L.I.F.E. Plan; so you can prepare for the non-financial aspects of retirement in unison with obtaining financial confidence.


Here, past podcast guest Fritz Gilbert also addresses the emotional factors of retirement planning, with his key points being:

📌 Freedom comes with obligation: Figuring out how to spend your new found free time might feel overwhelming. Planning for this aspect beforehand can contribute to a more fulfilling retirement.

📌 Your transition into retirement might be challenging: Recognizing the significant changes ahead of you and mentally preparing for them can lead to a smoother transition.

📌 Money might not matter as much: Post-retirement, your focus often shifts from financial concerns to non-financial aspects. Finding activities that bring you personal satisfaction and fulfillment becomes crucial for a successful retirement.

📌 You’ll miss certain work attributes: Besides the paycheck, you may miss other aspects of work, such as structure, mental challenges, relationships, etc. Look for ways to fill these voids.

📌 You still have an important "job": Retirement is viewed as a new "job" that involves self-discovery, pursuing interests and contributing to others. Mentally prepare for this new phase to make it as rewarding as possible.

You spend decades saving for retirement. Isn’t it worth your time and effort to plan for how you will fill that retirement with your most purposeful, happiest years?