Weekend Reading: 10 Ways to Improve Your Health and Live Longer

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Weekend Reading

It’s time to leverage our longevity revolution. The reality is, living to age 100 is very likely for a large portion of today’s population.


According to recent stats, 50 percent of individuals on the planet will live past 83, and 25 percent will live past 90.

Plan for a century-long life: What’s more encouraging? These numbers will only continue to rise, so if you want to ensure you have an extended lifespan, this article highlights 10 longevity choices to help increase your chances. Some of them include:

📌Get your health checked regularly: An early diagnosis is key to disease prevention

📌Quit your bad habits: These might include cigarettes, alcohol and sugar (which can be the most under-recognized killer of all)

📌Eat early, and less often: Eating less food can extend your life by as much as seven years

📌Let food be thy medicine: A lacking nutritional diet is the key cause of noncommunicable diseases world-wide

📌Get moving: Frequent exercise reduces your risk of early death by 30 to 35 percent

📌Remember mindfulness over matter: Stress increases your level of fight-or-flight hormones, such as adrenaline, which in turn increases heart rate, blood pressure and glucose in your bloodstream

📌Think and grow young: How old you feel and how old you are have a biological tie

Maximize your longevity: Imagine the impact on your life when you embrace these tips and let them compound on one another.