Weekend Reading: Living with Intention: Lessons on the Brevity of Life

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Weekend reading living with intention Weekend reading living with intention
Weekend Reading

hat would you do if you had three years left to live? While this thought experiment may initially feel uncomfortable, it can prompt changes in how you live your life with intention.


Author Darius Foroux explores top lessons to consider, some of which include:

📌 Approach life with curiosity rather than fear, embracing new experiences and perspectives.

📌 Practice acceptance of the things you can't change, allowing yourself to move forward and grow.

📌 Recognize that the only limits on your potential are the ones you set for yourself.

📌 Learn to forgive yourself for mistakes, learn from them and focus on personal growth.

📌 Cultivate gratitude for what you have and live with humility, recognizing that nothing in life is guaranteed.

📌 Develop a habit of planning and thinking through your actions, both in daily routines and long-term goals.

📌 Value time over money, considering how you spend your time and making decisions accordingly.

You deserve to live a fulfilling life. Living with intention – and above all – PURPOSE – will help you get there.