Weekend Reading: 38 Life Lessons That Helped Me to Retire Early

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Weekend reading life lessons early retirement Weekend reading life lessons early retirement
Weekend Reading

Our time on Earth is short. This is why our team is so passionate about helping you reach financial confidence, so that you can focus on what matters most.


Lend an ear: Here, 38-year-old blogger, Peter, compiles the biggest takeaways of reaching financial independence. Some noteworthy lessons include:

📌 Time is more important than money. Health is more important than time. All are wasted if you can’t be in the present.

📌 Your house will never be big enough, your car will never be flashy enough and vacations will never be lavish enough until you are OK with what you have here and now. Then, it will all be enough.

📌 Doing the right things slowly always beats doing more things faster.

📌 Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world – as Bogle says “As investment returns compound over time, costs also compound“. These include costs on your body AND costs on your mind.

📌 10 percent of investing is creating a plan. 90 percent is sticking to that plan.

Put pen to paper: Do you have a list like this to pass onto your children? I know I’ve been inspired to get started on my own!