Weekend Reading: Life Lessons from 1,000 Years

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Weekend reading life lessons Weekend reading life lessons
Weekend Reading

"If you could speak to your 32-year-old self, what advice would you give?" This was the question author Sahil Bloom asked a group of 90-year-olds in honor of his 32nd birthday.

Of the 40 life lessons listed, a dozen impactful reminders include:

📌 Don’t fear sadness, as it tends to sit right next to love.

📌 Treat your body like a house you have to live in for another 70 years.

📌 Do one good deed every single day, but never tell anyone about it.

📌 Find the things that make your eyes light up. Do more of those.

📌 Always remind yourself that your track record for making it through your bad days is perfect.

📌 You may occasionally disappoint others, but never disappoint yourself.

📌 The "good old days" are always happening right now.

📌 Taking no risk is the biggest risk you can take.

📌 It doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be wonderful.

📌 If there's something bothering you, ask yourself whether it will matter in one month. If not, let it go right now.

📌 Do one thing that challenges your mind every single day.

📌 No amount of money is ever worth trading for your peace of mind.

Ask yourself:
What advice would you give 32-year-old you? Share it with your loved ones and don’t forget to practice what you preach!