Weekend Reading: The Only Money Formula You Will Ever Need

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Weekend reading life fulfillment money formula Weekend reading life fulfillment money formula
Weekend Reading

Life Fulfillment = Time + Health + Money. That’s the equation you need for maximizing life’s experiences, and in that particular order.


A recipe for happiness: You could make all the money in the world, but at what expense would that come in the form of time spent with loved ones and time focused on your health? All elements of this formula are crucial; however, they must also be weighted proportionally to what’s most important to you.

Don’t delay fulfillment: If you want to pass assets on to family, consider doing so earlier when you can see the impact it creates. If you want to elevate your health, don’t wait. Invest in a trainer, better food and nutrition or exercise equipment. Use your wealth to create experiences and a life that brings you fulfillment. As author Tony Isola says, “Those who spend a lifetime delaying gratification may one day find themselves rich in savings but poor in memories, having sacrificed too much joy at the altar of compounding interest.”

Find a (purposeful) balance: You don’t have to die with zero, but you also didn’t work hard for a Job Optional life, just to penny pinch throughout retirement. This time is meant to be focused on what brings you joy, and that may require a money mindset shift.