Weekend Reading: It’s Okay to Suck When You Try Something New

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Weekend reading its ok to suck at something new Weekend reading its ok to suck at something new
Weekend Reading

Have you ever abandoned a hobby or interest due to the fear of not excelling immediately? While it can be tempting to do so – especially for perfectionists – it’s important to remember that initial failure is a normal part of acquiring new skills.


Embrace being a beginner: Children, who are unburdened by self-consciousness, thrive in supportive environments where failure is encouraged. As an adult, on the other hand, you might often feel pressured to excel. However, as past podcast guest Dean Niewolny says, if fear of failure is preventing you from trying something new, try “low-cost probes.” These are activities or ventures that allow you to dip your toes into the water without making a major life change.

Moral of the story? Pursue activities you enjoy, even if you aren’t initially good at them. Your motivation behind picking up a new hobby should stem from genuine interest instead of wanting to project a certain image. By openly accepting your limitations, you can create a more fulfilling and judgment-free experience.

You may find it difficult to try something new in retirement, but ultimately, that’s what makes life interesting!