Weekend Reading: Investors Need Some Cosmic Insignificance Therapy

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Weekend reading investor cosmic therapy Weekend reading investor cosmic therapy
Weekend Reading

The average human lifespan is roughly 4,000 weeks. While that might seem like a great deal of time, it passes far faster than you ever realize. The question is: How much of that time will you spend worrying about the markets, inflation, interest rates or other financial risks?


From a cosmic perspective: In the grand scheme of things, we — as humans — are a small blip on the map. As stated here, each of us will be on Earth for about 0.0000007246 percent of the history of the universe. We often fill our days focused on productivity and an urgent need to get as much accomplished as possible; however, continually watching the scorecard doesn’t guarantee future investment certainty.

Focus on your purpose: Working to create a confident financial life is certainly worth your time, but should be done so with intention and meaning. Bear markets, high inflation and rising interest rates are always a potential retirement risk; however, with a strategic plan, you can spend less of your life worrying about the what-ifs, and more time focused on where you can make the biggest impact today.

An action you can take now: Think hard about what you spend your time on. Then, put the emphasis on what you can control.