Weekend Reading: Introducing a Hierarchy of Financial Wellness

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Weekend Reading

What if you viewed your financial wellness as a tiered pyramid, with layers that played into your overall financial security? This could include many aspects of being fiscally ‘healthy,’ including your physical and behavioral health. The bottom line is, financial planning is a process – one that should be customized to you. Check out this article from the Financial Planning Association below.


A good financial plan is one that gives you a sense of peace, which ultimately comes from an understanding of where you are and where you’re headed. A good financial plan systematically addresses each of your financial needs and risks through a process that you can understand, ultimately delivering the big picture.

The process itself is important, but the most critical element is actually having a process to begin with. At Howard Bailey, we call ours ‘The Retire With Purpose Framework.’ It’s not the only solution that exists in the world, and it’s not going to be the best fit for everyone.

We begin with a little psychology, in the way of purpose and values, which drives the financial plan that we call your ‘Financial L.I.F.E. Plan.’ We then also end with a focus on psychology, in the way of ‘meaning.’

Every great plan should involve an element of the psychological, or non-financial aspects of retirement, along with the more complex financial elements. If your plan is void of the softer side of retirement, it’s probably taking you somewhere other than where you want to go. In this article, you will find a different framework with the same end goal.

Casey weade financial wellness Casey weade financial wellness
187: Introducing a Hierarchy of Financial Wellness

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