Weekend Reading: Waste a Few Hours, so You Don’t Waste Years

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Weekend reading intentional time Weekend reading intentional time
Weekend Reading

As past Retire With Purpose podcast guest, Carl Honoré, says, you need to slow down. He created a concept known as the “slow movement”, because in today’s world, so many of us are living on autopilot, spending every moment possible trying to be productive.

Good vs. bad waste: Remaining on hustle mode can be counterintuitive. Instead, what if you tried “wasting” your time wisely? Taking moments to step away from simply going through the motions involves understanding how to intentionally spend your time. Try spending less of it on “bad waste”, such as social media, and more of it on “good waste”, such as reading books, engaging in conversation with others, traveling or any other activities that allow your mind space to focus on the bigger fundamentals of your life.

Killing time with intention: When it comes to successful investing, there is also a time and place for limited action. While some scamper in search of the best stock, as Warren Buffett says, “It’s also about waiting for the right pitch.” You don’t swing at everything in the market, but pursue things that will confidently increase your profit. Your personal energy is limited, and as such, your time and energy should be spent on areas of your life that mean the most.

Be a human
being, versus a human doer: It’s natural to want to take action, but it’s most often more beneficial to exercise patience and create productive space.