Weekend Reading: How Reliable is Inflation Data for Investors Heading into 2022?

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Weekend reading inflation 2022 Weekend reading inflation 2022
Weekend Reading

If you’re still feeling uneasy about inflation, you’re not alone. Prices everywhere are continuing to rise, and it might seem as though there’s no end in sight. When will we see relief?


The big three: While we can’t predict the future, this article will walk you through where we are now, and what three key factors will impact inflation as we head into the New Year. They include:

📌The U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary policy – The Fed is projecting a rise in inflationary pressures, and as a result, adjusting policy as needed. Additionally, chatter of raising the debt ceiling is still occurring amongst congress, which we will inevitably hear more of in the weeks ahead.

📌 Unemployment rates worldwide – Businesses are facing staff and good shortages, as well as pressure to raise wages. As the article states, “…Unless there is an eventual removal of economic subsidies, wages will continue increasing and unemployment will stay largely the same.” Thus, a potential continued effect on driving up inflation.

📌A clogged supply chain and hyperinflation in key regions of the world – On a global scale, hyperinflation is basically inflation in overdrive, where additional factors can make a risky situation even riskier. However, the U.S. has experienced several inflationary periods in the past century, and just as we made our way through those, we can make it through this one.

Bottom line: Your financial plan should be designed to weather any storm, and if you have leveraged our proprietary “Retire With Purpose Framework", you are already prepared.