Weekend Reading: How to Want Less

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Weekend reading how to want less Weekend reading how to want less
Weekend Reading

What constitutes a satisfying life? Your answer will more than likely differ from mine, and that of anyone else you ask, but what remains is the fact we’re all in continual search of it.


A recipe for happiness: As stated here, “satisfaction is one of the core "macronutrients" of happiness”, in addition to enjoyment and meaning; yet, its elusive nature makes it difficult to find and keep for longer periods of time. Once you obtain what you’re in search of – whether it’s a goal, material item or something else – at some point, you’ve probably been inclined to look toward the next rung on the ladder.

Homeostasis, and your brain: When it comes to your emotions (good or bad) your brain is trained to re-equilibrate to keep you from staying on a low or high for too long. This includes when you achieve success, and why some feel as if they never arrive to their end destination, always in search for the next success milestone.

Wants versus haves: Instead of viewing satisfaction as getting what you want, the author here encourages reframing your mindset to it being what you have, divided by what you want. He reveals the secret comes down to managing your wants so that you can give yourself a chance to feel more satisfied with your life. Developing habits such as helping others, practicing mindfulness and focusing on minimalism can all help provide clarity in where you will find – and keep – the most satisfaction in your life.

Bottom line: This is what being “Job Optional” is all about; positioning yourself to realize you have enough while putting your time and energy into what means the most to you.