Weekend Reading: This is the Most Fun Way to Make Your Life Awesome

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Weekend reading how to make your life awesome Weekend reading how to make your life awesome
Weekend Reading

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “What am I good at?” Or, “What do I enjoy?”, you’re on the path to pinpointing your passion – and most importantly – your purpose.


To gain a better understanding of where that lies, author Eric Barker has a few suggestions:

📌 Be a scientist of yourself: What lights you up? If it’s many things, experiment with them, and think of them as what previous podcast guest, Dean Niewolny, calls “low-cost probes”.

📌 Focus on practicing and sleep: A study on work performance once stated that 10,000 hours are needed to master a new interest. While that might not be necessary for something you find enjoyment in, it’s important to note the takeaway: You can get better at the thing you love, but it will take time. Also, remember that sleep is important for learning and recovery.

📌 Educate yourself with “desirable difficulties: The most effective way to learn something is to not always take the most straightforward path. If you’re trying to grasp something new, mix up the information to make the knowledge stick, accept mistakes and connect what you learn to what you already know.

📌 Find your Obi Wan: This is someone you look up to; a mentor or coach. Their role is to provide you support and guidance as you work to find fulfillment.

📌 Leverage Saturday morning experiments: Other facets of life can’t be put entirely on hold to explore all your interests, but you can designate a block of time each week to focus on improvement.

You have something valuable to offer the world, and it’s never too late to gain clarity in what that is. Once you do, we’re here to help elevate the meaning in your daily life through practical and personal financial strategies.