Weekend Reading: How to Feel Less Lonely As You Get Older

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Weekend reading how to feel less lonely Weekend reading how to feel less lonely
Weekend Reading

According to the world’s longest study on human happiness, Harvard researchers have found that relationships are the number one factor to fulfillment and longevity. As you age, however, you might find that you experience increased feelings of loneliness. This could be due to various life changes, such as children moving away, the loss of loved ones or even retirement. Prolonged loneliness can lead to negative health outcomes, but it’s not inevitable.


This guide offers strategies to cope:

📌 Pay attention to your thoughts: Recognize and challenge negative thought patterns that contribute to loneliness.

📌 Look for new connections in your community: Engage in community activities or join groups to foster connections.

📌 Nurture existing relationships: Maintain regular contact with loved ones through calls, notes or visits.

📌 Consider new ways to contribute: Volunteer or engage in activities that bring you a sense of purpose and connection.

📌 Use technology purposefully: Stay connected with family and friends through texts, video calls or even online games.

📌 Rethink routines: Establish healthy daily habits and engage in activities that bring fulfillment and structure to your day.

The happiness you experience in retirement spans far beyond money, your dream vacation home or your hobby. It lies within the connections you have with others. Are you prepared?