Weekend Reading: The Evolution of Retirement

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Weekend reading evolution of retirement Weekend reading evolution of retirement
Weekend Reading

Do you ever idealize the past? Media can often paint a rosy picture of America’s “Golden Age” however, the amenities you have today that help you age better, invest better and make better financial decisions help you enjoy a confident retirement that would not have been attainable for your ancestors.


Then vs now: In the 19th century, most people couldn't afford to retire, and many relied on their children for support. Leisure was a luxury, with long work hours being the norm. People in this generation rarely retired for leisure, but rather due to health reasons, and household budgets focused mostly on basic needs. Today, retirement can span a significant portion of your life. Modern spending includes more of a recreation focus and leisure isn’t looked upon as a “luxury.”

You have one shot at retirement planning and a plethora of resources at your fingertips today to create the ultimate Job Optional life. This is your opportunity to create a future that’s bigger than your past.