Weekend Reading: Why You Should Swap Your Bucket List with a Chuck-It List

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Weekend reading chuck it list Weekend reading chuck it list
Weekend Reading

You’re likely well aware of the concept of a traditional “bucket list,” but have you ever heard of a “chuck-it list?”


Goal cleansing: Considered a counterpart to your bucket list, a chuck-it list can be utilized to help you let go of unfulfilling goals. While bucket lists can be inspiring, they also have the potential to be burdensome reminders of unmet aspirations. To avoid a never-ending pursuit of desires, the key is to be deeply intentional when it comes to bucket list items, then move any unattainable goals to your chuck-it list.

Shift your mindset: Building a chuck-it list can be challenging, as it involves letting go of goals you genuinely care about. This can be accompanied by sadness or regret, especially when external factors like physical limitations or financial constraints come into play. However, in the end, this strategy allows you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Your goals will evolve over time, and that’s okay. Give yourself permission to remove unattainable dreams without feeling guilty, while finding joy in the endeavors that truly follow your Purpose.