Weekend Reading: Advice from Real Retirement Experts: Retirees

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Weekend reading advice from retirees Weekend reading advice from retirees
Weekend Reading

If you have yet to retire, or simply want to elevate the retirement life you’re already living, oftentimes, your best source of advice is from fellow retirees.


This passage provides valuable insights and advice from retirees on various aspects of today’s retirement reality. Here are some of the high points:

📌 Unretiring: Some retirees miss the challenges and routines of their former jobs. You may find you want to return to work (in some form or another) after a period of leisure.

📌 Relocating: Be cautious about moving without thoroughly considering the impact on family and social connections.

📌 Medical issues: Health plays a crucial role in retirement planning. As such, one retiree recommends traveling and pursuing activities while you are physically able.

📌 Hobbies and activities: Your hobbies may shift during retirement, so be open to exploring new interests.

📌 Medicare and health care costs: Medical expenses can be significant in retirement, and certain common goods may not be covered by Medicare.

You can’t predict how your retirement will pan out, but you can plan ahead for crucial variables such as medical issues and health care costs. And most importantly, when you’re clear on your Purpose, you can better navigate the non-financial aspects too.