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Howard Bailey Champions

We owe a great deal of success, growth and ability to uphold one of our core values— helping others—to clients just like you.

We developed a program to show our appreciation for clients who are gracious enough to refer friends and family members to our team: Howard Bailey Champions.

Clients who refer at least three individuals or couples who become clients will automatically be added to the program.

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A Gift of Gratitude

Celebrate your journey into what we believe is an exciting program filled with many fun Howard Bailey benefits and experiences.

Ticket Ticket
Early Event Access

Be the first to know about our next wine tasting or private dinner event! You'll receive first priority seating, VIP access to catered cuisine and more, for select events.

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A Conference Room Name in Your Honor

Our top champions will receive naming rights to one of our 7 conference rooms in our home office. The sky is the limit, and we're leaving it up to you!

Present Present
Gift of the Year

Enjoy a special new gift each year as our way of saying "Thank you" for your support. What it might be is a surprise, but it will always be crafted with YOU in mind.

Here are a few ways you can refer friends or family to Howard Bailey:

  • Invite your referral(s) to an upcoming dinner seminar, and join them too!
  • Bring your referral(s) along to an upcoming client appreciation event.

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